5 Steps To Follow If Your Propane Tank Starts Leaking Gas This Spring Or Summer

If you are going to be using propane outside this summer to power your grill, pool heater or any other outdoor accessory, it is vitally important that you know how to stay safe while using propane. Here is what you need to do if one of your propane tanks ever starts leaking gas. #1 Keep Your Nose On Alert The first thing you need to do is keep your nose on alert. Read More 

3 Reasons To Secure Your Apartment’s Dumpster With A Lockable Fence

If you own or manage an apartment building and provide a dumpster for your tenants to use, you may want to consider surrounding the dumpster with a lockable fence. Here are 3 ways people can take advantage of unsecured dumpsters.  To prevent non-tenant use of your dumpster Trash service can be expensive, especially for those who have gotten behind in their bills and/or need to pay a security deposit first. Sometimes, people accumulate too much trash and need to find somewhere to dump it. Read More 

3 Reasons to Purchase a Solar Energy Starter Kit

If you are looking into using an alternative form of energy, then you should consider purchasing a solar energy starter kit. Solar energy is a type of energy that uses solar power and is growing in popularity. The starter kit is going to allow you to get all of the equipment that you need to get started using solar energy. This article will discuss three reasons to purchase a solar energy starter kit. Read More 

Ingenious Uses For Scrap Sheet Metal Around The Home

That stack of sheet metal that you have hanging around in the garage from a major project doesn't have to be left to deteriorate or hauled away to the local recycling or waste center. There are actually some fairly creative and ingenious things that you can do in the house if you have a few pieces of scrap metal in sheet form laying around. Even better, these projects are simple enough for even the most ill-experienced DIY homeowner and don't require a lot of extra materials to complete. Read More