An Asbestos Inspection Finds Potential Problems With Asbestos Before You Begin Renovating Your Home

If you're renovating your home, an asbestos inspection might be required. It might be necessary before you can get a building permit. This is important whether you're making DIY upgrades or working with a construction crew. If asbestos is present, it may need to be removed so it isn't disturbed to become a health hazard. Here's what you might expect from an asbestos inspection.

The Inspector Walks Through Every Room

The asbestos inspector needs to see every room in your house so they can look for materials likely to contain asbestos. They'll note the condition of the material since asbestos products that aren't damaged aren't as much of a concern as flooring or other materials that are cracked, chipped, and scratched.

A certified inspector has been trained in identifying asbestos. They can guess which products have it based on the type of building material and its age. However, it isn't possible to identify asbestos by sight alone since the fibers are so tiny.

The way to know if your floor, walls, or insulation has asbestos is to have a small sample taken and sent to a lab to be analyzed. The inspector may take several samples over the course of the inspection. It's also possible some materials will have labels that state asbestos is present.

An asbestos inspection for a home may take several hours since the inspector is thorough, but you won't get the results until the lab analysis is complete, and that might take several days.

Samples Are Sent To An Accredited Lab

When taking samples, the inspector must be careful to avoid releasing fibers into your home that can be inhaled. They'll use safety precautions, and they may wear protective equipment.

The inspector can take samples from damaged materials that are suspected of having asbestos and leave undamaged materials alone unless they will be damaged during your renovation.

The samples are sent to a lab that has been certified to handle asbestos materials. They'll examine each sample thoroughly to find out if asbestos is present and how much is in the sample.

A Report Reveals The Results

When the lab analysis is complete, the inspector adds the results to their visual inspection and provides you with a report. The report lets you and the construction company know if asbestos is in the materials they'll be disturbing during your renovation. If asbestos is found, you'll need a certified asbestos abatement contractor to remove it before your renovations can begin.