5 Steps To Follow If Your Propane Tank Starts Leaking Gas This Spring Or Summer

If you are going to be using propane outside this summer to power your grill, pool heater or any other outdoor accessory, it is vitally important that you know how to stay safe while using propane. Here is what you need to do if one of your propane tanks ever starts leaking gas.

#1 Keep Your Nose On Alert

The first thing you need to do is keep your nose on alert. Keep in mind that propane gas, when it leaks out, has a very unpleasant smell. It can smell like a skunk has just sprayed the area where you are hanging out. Some people thinks it smells more like rotten hard boiled eggs that have been left out in the sun. Either way, it lets off a smell that is far from pleasant, so be on the alert for this smell.

#2 Put Out Any Fires

If you smell leaking gas, the first thing you need to do is put out any flame that is nearby if you are able to. You don't want the gas and the fire to mix and create a big explosion. You should only attempt to put out the fire if you can do so quickly and safely.

You can douse a fire from your grill with water, or you can smother the fire with dirt or sand. You can also use a fire extinguisher on the fire.

#3 Turn Off The Gas

Next, if you are able to do so safely, you need to turn off the gas supply. Generally, you just need to turn the valve on the propane tank in a counterclockwise position in order to turn it off. This will hopefully help stop the flow of leaking gas and make the situation that you are in safer.

#4 Leave The Area & Call For Help

If for some reason you can't turn off the gas, the next thing you need to worry about is getting to safety. Leave the area where the propane tank is located. If your house is a great distance from the tank, go there. If your house is close to a leaking tank, head over to your neighbor's house.  At this time, call 911 if you have not already called 911. Let them know that you have a propane tank that is leaking. Be sure to let them know if you were able to successfully close the propane tank or if there is a source of open flames or fire near the propane tank.

#5 Wait For Help

Finally, wait for help before you do anything else. Allow the fire department to check and make sure that everything is safe before you go back home. You don't want to be nearby when a tank of propane gas explodes. 

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