Ingenious Uses For Scrap Sheet Metal Around The Home

That stack of sheet metal that you have hanging around in the garage from a major project doesn't have to be left to deteriorate or hauled away to the local recycling or waste center. There are actually some fairly creative and ingenious things that you can do in the house if you have a few pieces of scrap metal in sheet form laying around. Even better, these projects are simple enough for even the most ill-experienced DIY homeowner and don't require a lot of extra materials to complete.

Create a heat-reflecting wall covering.

Years ago when people often relied on a small heat source to keep their home warm, they often used some sort of metal sheet to help distribute the heat around the house.  Metal sheeting, such as that made of steel or aluminum, is quite effective at reflecting heat. If you have a sheet laying around, consider attaching it to a wall behind a heater or even around the fireplace. The heat that comes in contact with the metal will be reflected back out into the room, helping the space to be more evenly heated. Plus, with a little creativity, such as adding some inexpensive wood trim around the sheet, you will have a new eye-catching design feature in the house. 

Use the metal to cover old workspace counters in the garage. 

When you work on projects in the garage, you might encounter grease, grime, sawdust, and other substances, which can make your workspace counters dirty and unsightly. Cover these surfaces with scrap metal sheeting to give them an entirely new look. You can actually take metal sheets to a fabricator to have them bent if necessary to cover the edges and attaching the sheets is as simple as using a heavy epoxy-resin glue. Metal counter covers will help you keep the area clean going forward and offer an industrial appeal in the garage. 

Use sheet metal to implement a protective backsplash in the kitchen. 

Some areas of the kitchen are bound to get dirty during meal preparation, especially around the sink or stove. You can use scrap metal sheets to implement metal backsplashes to add an extra layer of protection to these areas. If you want to add a layer of texture, take the metal sheets you have to a metal fabrication shop and find out what metal stamping options they have available. You may come out with a sheet of metal stamped with intricate patterns or something that is totally unique.